Ironic that I would think about the power of “words” as I type the first entry to my 2011 blog.   Last night, I had a totally frivolous argument with my husband who I happen to love dearly.  On a normal day-to-day basis, we exchange pleasantries, random facts, useless information and memory building conversations.  Yesterday, was not one of those days.  Yesterday, we exchanged words that pierced the heart and watered the eye.   Afterwards, the”sorries” were exchanged but the echo of the words remain in my head, and, if I had to be honest, I am sure, his as well.  The aftermath of our exchange leaves us with shattered pride that must be rebuilt with new foundation.   One thing is sure, this process will not begin tonight.  Tonight, as I type this blog, we sit across from each other at our little table, in silence.   Sometimes, the choice to remain silent, speaks volumes.